Air Force Regulation 205-1
SECURITY: Safeguarding Military Information
Dated 15 December 1953


10-November-1999  -  This Air Force Regulation is one of several referenced in the Unit History of the 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron (AISS), UFO-related extracts of which are available here on CUFON.  4602D AISS was the Air Force unit assigned to do UFO field investigations in the continental United States during part of the 1950ís.   This regulation is pertinent as an aid to understanding terminology and procedures in Air Force units in the early 1950ís.

Another reason we have posted this and other, related USAF security regulations is to make the proper (Air Force) procedures for handling Top Secret material available. It seems clear from discussion on the email lists and elsewhere that few people are aware of the actual procedures which were used in the production and handling of Top Secret material.

Top Secret document production and control procedures were prescribed by Executive Order and other laws (See AFR 205-2).  Because of this, each Department or Agency was essentially bound by the same rules, but had their own implementation, so there were some differences. This regulation is dated 1953, but the procedures listed are little changed from World War II. Since many of the documents running around the UFO community that do not have proper provenance were produced in the 1940ís and 1950ís, this Regulation will be of interest because of its content and date.

For a quick over-all view of the provisions of this Regulation, we recommend that you read the "Notice to All Personnel" which was provided as an Attachment to AFR 205-1.


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