Air Force Regulation 205-2
SECURITY: Laws, Executive Orders, Etc., Pertaining to Safeguarding Military Information - dated  19 May 1955


10-NOV-1999  -  This Air Force Regulation (AFR) is one of the security regulations mentioned in the Unit History of the 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron (AISS), UFO-related extracts of which are available here on CUFON.  The 4602d AISS was the US Air Force Unit responsible for UFO field  investigations in the continental United States during part of the 1950's.  

This Regulation gives the Executive Order and legal authorities for the security procedures prescribed by AFR 205-1.

We believe it important that materials which facilitate understanding of the circumstances surrounding important aspects of UFO history, such as the activities of the 4602d AISS, be made available to readers.  It is this belief which prompts us to post this and other regulations that bore on the security procedures and requirements incumbent on USAF units.

Also,  persons who accept unverified material now in circulation, (documents without proper provenance) as "real" should become familiar with the nature and rigorousness of security utilized when Top Secret  material was handled.  Clearly, it would be difficult for someone to obtain photographs or copies of highly classified materials and the names of persons gaining access to material classified Top Secret are recorded.  However, the lessons of Aldrich Ames and other such individuals remind us that such activities (espionage) are sometimes successfully perpetrated.  This raises the question of why, if (for example) the MJ-12 material is genuine, has no one been prosecuted for violating current security regulations and laws.

The depth and breadth of the subjects addressed by this and other security regulations should be of interest to anyone looking into military and governmental actions of the 1950's.



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