The CUFONSM (non)Interview
Philip J. Klass


Mr. Philip Klass replied to the CUFON Interview mailing with a form letter promising a reply in turn.  The letter is reproduced below.

When Mr. Klass' response to the questions arrives, it will be appended to this file.

... Jim Klotz  CUFON SYSOP

p.s. Note that items underlined in the text below blanks in the form letter filled in by hand. (Example: Fill in the blanks )


Philip J. Klass                           404 "N" St. Southwest                       Washington D.C. 20204

Sept.  6  , 19  95 

Dear   Dale Goudie /  James Klotz  :

     This is in response to yours of    August 27   

     Please excuse my use of this form letter, but I am currently working 7 days/week, typically 12-14 hours/day on two nearly full time jobs:  Aviation Week magazine and member of the Board of our Condominium -- facing the  most severe crisis in our 29-year existence. (At the time this form letter is  being written,   I have been able to take off only two 2-day weekends in the last 6 months and no 3-day holidays  .)

     Meanwhile, because of the surge of public interest in UFOs, I am now receiving   10 to 20   UFO related letters a day.

     Based on the giant stacks of mail awaiting my "spare time," I estimate that it will be approximately    6-9    months before I will be able to respond to your letter.

      Please be patient.


                                   /s/  Phil


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