The CUFONSM Interview
Thornton Page, Ph.D


We note with sorrow the passing of Dr. Thornton Page.  He was a great scientist.  Check his entry in Who's Who in Science and other similar references.  The extensive listings of accomplishments and associations you will find in such references will not list a great deal of his more secret work.

Dr. Page will be forever a part UFO history as a member of the "Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects" convened by the Office of Scientific Intelligence, CIA, January 1953, better known as "the Robertson Panel."  This was but a tiny part of this scientist's life.

The CUFON SYSOP was fortunate enough to have corresponded with Dr. Page in the last two years.  Dr. Page kindly and warmly responded to inquiries, and more recently, completed the CUFON Interview.

...Jim Klotz  CUFON SYSOP



1. State of UFOlogy today/Goals today?

For me, UFOlogy is a thing of the past.

Public opinion was strong for a decade or more that UFOs existed.  Now such opinions are a little quaint. 

Young people are caught up in computer technology and world-wide data nets where UFOs are laughable.

2. Future of UFOlogy? 

The only future I see is in history books, and perhaps in psychology text books.

3. What can a single individual do? 

Nothing.  There is no cause to advance.

4. Advice for newcomers?

Read some of the many books published in the 1960s to 1970s.  One I helped  write - "UFOs, A Scientific Debate" - is fairly good.

5. What do hard-core UFO sightings represent?

Allen Hynek investigated this question.  I'd say the answer lies in the wide range of human imagination.

6. Meaning for mankind? 

It means less than the history of religions.

7. Government cover-up?

No.  There is no evidence, in my opinion, that any government has rational knowledge of UFOs.

8. Hardware/alien bodies in Government hands?


9. Most important aspect of UFOlogy today?

The history of irrational public beliefs.

10. Message to CUFON's users?

I am well aware that you have an interesting hobby.

I am sorry to be so negative.

Biographical Information/other notes?

I organized a symposium on UFOs and wrote a book about it with Carl Sagan.

At age 82, my scientific interests have turned to the latest in physical research.  I spend my time reading the news and reviewing new books on physics, astronomy, and space science.


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