The Inspector General Brief

Number 8, Volume XIV, 13 April 1962

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For some time now the USAF has investigated all reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), under provisions of AFR 200-2. This has been done to leave no stones unturned in identifying objects which may pose a threat to the security of the United States and its armed forces.

Even though to date there has been no evidence that UFOs represent technological developments beyond the range of our present day scientific knowledge, we continue to be on the alert and examine reports submitted under the regulation. However, time and effort could be saved if individuals who make the sightings and submit reports understood that often reported UFOs are finally identified as jet aircraft, missiles, balloons, searchlights, birds, kites, anti-collision beacons, jet engine exhaust, condensation trails, known meteorological phenomena, etc. The fact that there are many manmade objects (satellites) now in orbit, may add to the items suspected of being extraterrestrial vehicles or foreign weapons threatening the security of this country.

A more careful scrutiny of sightings, which are potential objects of reports, is therefore obvious. Only objects which the observer is sure do not conform to known aircraft, missiles, or other above-mentioned items should therefore be reported.


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